Financial Education Workshops

In Good Company workshops engage teams in activities and insightful content that help build financial confidence — at no cost to the employer.

Empower Every Employee

From multi-level series to more targeted topics, In Good Company has options for everyone. Approachable teaching styles and accessible resources support collaboration across teams — connecting employees regardless of role or location.

Offered on-site and online, professional-led workshops encourage each individual to get the most from their finances and bring their best to work each day.

The Evergreen Series

The Evergreen Series is designed to help your employees understand and explore the fundamentals of personal finance. Each workshop builds on the next, highlighting a key step in the individual’s journey. Together, the workshops help give employees a holistic view of their situation and the ability to move forward with confidence.

Part I: Foundations

The first workshop in our series will help your employees evaluate where they are today and where they hope to go in the future.

Part II: Spending & Saving

In this workshop, your employees will explore their spending habits and identify opportunities for improvement.

Part III: Investing

From strategies and products to risk tolerance and more, your employees will find what options work for them.

Part IV: Retirement

Each guest will wrap up the series with a better understanding of what retirement looks like and what they can do to prepare.

Workbook containing personal values activity.

Exploring Your Core Values

In Good Company workshops are built with values at their core. This starts with a foundational activity that helps each guest identify what informs their attitude and motivates every meaningful decision.

Sample Each Workshop

While a workshop on investing might be ideal for employees looking to optimize their portfolios, the Pre-Retirement Series could best serve a team that’s approaching the next phase in their financial journey. No matter the needs of your workplace, In Good Company’s unique offerings can flex to serve them.

Pre-Retirement Series

Pre-Retirement Series

This two-part series will help employees picture their ideal retirement and learn how savings can contribute to their vision of a fulfilled future. These topics best suit individuals who are pursuing retirement within the next ten years.

Protecting Your Family: Estate Planning

Protecting Your Family: Estate Planning

The Estate Planning workshop helps guests look at steps they can take to preserve everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Most importantly, we cover the many ways their families can play a role in this process.

Invested: Elevating Your Strategy

Invested: Elevating Your Strategy

For employees who want to supplement their existing investment knowledge, here’s a workshop that goes beyond the basics. Experienced professionals work with each guest to cultivate an investment approach that fits their personal style and can help optimize their portfolio.

An Investment in Their Future: Saving for College

An Investment in Their Future: Saving for College

From goal planning to investment strategy, this workshop discusses saving for tuition on behalf of someone else. It’s a great option for employees who want to support a family member or loved one in covering the costs of higher education.

Personal Finance for Physicians

Personal Finance for Physicians

Different career paths require unique approaches to personal finance. Focusing on the needs of physicians, this workshop helps medical professionals explore strategies geared towards lifestyle creep and managing income in high-achieving fields.

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Take a look at our in-depth guide to find out which workshops may best suit your team.

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A Personal Approach to Finance

After the workshops, employees can look forward to a complimentary consultation with a financial professional. During this meeting, take-home activities help create a foundation for growth based on identified goals and values.

From buying a home to planning for retirement, employees may require more personalized resources as they move through various phases of life. Building a relationship with a financial professional can help each individual revisit priorities and navigate their journey with confidence.

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