How It Works

With a series of workshops, our financial professionals leading the way and your employees’ needs in mind, we create an empowering experience designed to build financial confidence.

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Workshops Designed for Your Employees

We’ve created a series of four workshops that focus on the key components to building a better financial future. This is a great place for your employees to start building their financial confidence. But depending on the unique needs of your employees, we can always build off this series to cover the topics they’re most interested in.

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1. Financial Foundations

Your employees will start by assessing where they currently stand financially, identifying where they hope to go and seeing how their values can help them get there.

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2. Money Mindfulness

Next, your employees will take a closer look at their spending and saving habits and areas on which they can improve with a mindful plan.

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3. Intro to Investing

This workshop is all about investing covering everything from terms to account types. It’s all designed to help your employees align their investment strategy with their unique goals.

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4. The Road to Retirement

Your employees will get up close and personal with retirement as they learn the importance of saving for that next chapter and how they can grow those funds throughout their career.

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Backed by Financial Know-How

Each workshop is led by an experienced financial professional with one goal in mind –to help your employees better understand their financial future. And if they need some extra guidance, our team isavailable for one-on-one consultations.

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Flexible Schedule

Together, we’ll develop a customized schedule that works for you and your employees. That way, everyone can attend.

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Convenient Location

Our crash course in personal finance is closer than you think. Just tell us where to set up in your office and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Progress Reports

After each workshop, we’ll check in with your employees to see if they’re getting what they need. And if they aren’t, we’ll make some changes.

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It’s Time to Invest in Your Employees’ Financial Well-Being

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