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New Year, New Benefits

In so many ways, this can be the most wonderful time of the year — cozy fires, delicious treats, the holiday twinkle around town…and time to reflect on the things that mean the most (if you didn’t already know, this one is extra important to us at In Good Company).

Yet we know that 2020 has led us on an unusual journey. This year, individuals and teams alike have encountered incredible challenges that will continue to inform and motivate us well into the new year. The one thing we can’t forget, though, is that sometimes the most innovative solutions can come from adversity. While hopeful outcomes may seem like miracles around this time of year, a bit of creativity can go a long way in helping your team uncover exciting options and start the new year off right.

In Good Company offers inventive ways to bring a surge of confidence to your team — even after holiday fatigue or during any seasonal hiccup. We know it’s not always easy. As an employer, you pride yourself on delivering the best: harnessing your skills to help your team operate smoothly. For HR professionals, this often means serving up benefits that encourage new talent or fuel employees with each coming year. If you’ve made adjustments to compensate for the chaos this year, you’re not alone. Companies have been tasked with accommodating changes on a global scale, which can mean anything from suspending 401(k) match programs to cutting costly add-ons.

While these benefits are invaluable, In Good Company can do more than fill the void. Our financial workshops can provide a game-changing benefit that works with your existing offerings — at no cost. Plus, this option doesn’t require your time or energy to get started: simply get in touch with our team and we’ll get you and your employees set up over Zoom or in person. It’s truly hassle-free.

Our educational approach is all about options: from investing to retirement and everything in between, there’s a workshop for everyone — and our financial professionals are able to adjust content to each individual, no matter their financial situation. We’ve seen how our engaging content and experienced professionals can empower your employees. It’s this renewed sense of confidence and practical knowledge that can bring productivity and wellness to your entire workplace. Beyond the workshop, a financial professional can work through any season with your employees — providing them with insight through all the ups and downs.

It’s time for a fresh start. Though this year has been one for the books, In Good Company workshops can help you pivot more seamlessly and amp up employee benefits for a successful 2021. Let’s work together to give your employees a renewed belief in all the marvelous things their hard work can accomplish. The countdown to better benefits is on…no need to wait.


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