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Laying the Groundwork for College Savings

Most parents dream of giving their children every opportunity to succeed. For some, that means helping their child or loved one attend college. Yet increasingly, we’re finding this task to be more of a burden — and at times an unknown — than an aspiration to work towards.

Not only has tuition been on the rise, but shifting landscapes and modern requirements create unforeseen obstacles in paying for higher education and its associated costs. Individuals are left wondering where to begin when structuring future plans or reshaping the strategies we’ve relied on for years. It’s with these concerns in mind that In Good Company has developed a workshop addressing key tactics and solutions for covering a loved one’s education. Together, let’s explore An Investment in Their Future: Saving for College.

About the Workshop

Through engaging activities and discussion, experienced financial professionals will lead your employees in identifying future goals and exploring investment strategies that may help cover education costs.

Planning Ahead
Saving for a loved one’s college education requires foresight. This workshop offers guidance that can help employees separate fact from fiction while working toward specific targets — goals which they consider and outline alongside insights from a professional. Persona-based activities set the stage for aligning an individual’s goals with their unique values and financial situation.

Account Considerations
Next, we’ll take a closer look at investment accounts designed to help save for tuition and added expenses (like room and board, technology and more). After an initial overview, attendees will dive deeper into 529s and use tools to calculate the target amount of funds needed for their specific situation. A thoughtfully designed, digital-friendly workbook allows participants to jot down actionable steps along with notes and questions they may wish to revisit.

Who It’s Designed For

Your employees may only be taking the first few steps in funding a far-off goal, or perhaps they’ve been saving for years but have recently encountered some plot twists. In many cases, they may have already put one or two kids through college yet are facing new challenges when offering support to another child, grandchild or relative. Regardless of what stage your employees are at, there’s something in this workshop for everyone. Financial professionals are there to guide each group through different phases of funding — with knowledge to share about current stakes and potential strategies.

How Teams Can Attend

At In Good Company, it’s important that workshop offerings remain accessible. Remote options are now available for many of our classes, including Saving for College. While our in-person experience remains a mainstay of In Good Company learning, there are plenty of opportunities that we’re excited to bring to your team via Zoom — including interactive discussion, persona-based activities, breakout groups and more.

If you’re interested in setting up a workshop for your employees or learning more about what In Good Company has to offer, get in touch with our team — we’d love to start a conversation.


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