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Introducing our Remote Financial Education Series

With work from home policies taking effect and employees having less opportunity for personal interactions, it’s safe to say the workplace landscape is changing — fast. At In Good Company, our unique approach allows us to embrace these changes and see obstacles as opportunities. We want to do our part in helping distributed teams feel connected. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a completely remote version of our Evergreen Series. It’s the same interactive series you know and love – just translated to a virtual friendly format.

The Remote Evergreen Series

Just like our original Evergreen Series, this remote version will be led by a financial professional and focus on the various elements of a person’s financial well-being. We’ve broken the series up into two sessions – each consisting of two workshops. If that seems like too much for your team, we could always break them down into four sessions.

Session I: Foundations, Spending & Saving

The first session of the series asks attendees to take a much closer look at where they are today, where they hope to go and how their personal values and current financial habits can help them get there.

Session II: Investing, Retirement

Once attendees have explored the impact personal values can have on achieving financial goals, it’s time to give them the know-how they need to move forward in their future with confidence. This session will cover investment products and strategies, what to keep in mind when planning for retirement and how to find what works best.

How It Works

Now, we know what you might be thinking but not to worry – this isn’t just another webinar. Whether they’re held in-person or online, we want each of our workshops to spark conversation and encourage a hands-on approach to understanding personal finance. Using Zoom’s breakout room function, video capability and interactive polling features, attendees can actively engage with the financial professional leading the workshop and participate in group activities with other participants. They’ll also be provided with an accompanying workbook that can be either printed or edited right from their computer for notes. Thanks to helpful tech tools and resources like Zoom and Microsoft Word, we can create the same interactive experience online as we do in-person.

Taking the Next Step

From compelling content and hands on activities to take home work and resources, everything we do in our workshops is designed to empower each attendee to take control of their financial situation with confidence. That’s why we’re still offering complimentary meetings with one of our financial professionals once the series has ended to all attendees, which will take place virtually making it even easier for your spouse or partner to join.

Bring Virtual Financial Education to Your Team

A lot has changed in such a short period of time but we’re here to help you and your team embrace those changes with ease. More than ever before, it’s important for team to feel connected. This virtual financial education series can help them do just that. They’ll have the opportunity to turn concerns into conversations and stressors into solutions. If you’re interested in seeing what this virtual financial education series can do for your team, get in touch today.