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Hello World! Meet In Good Company

Leave your problems at the door has become an outdated phrase in the workplace. Personal problems always seem to find their way in — especially when it comes to money. In fact, 47 percent of employees attribute their decrease in productivity to their personal financial stress.1 Whether they are paying off a student loan, figuring out the best way to save for retirement, or deciding where to invest their money — taking control of personal finances can be daunting.

That’s where we can help.

“We are excited to introduce a new type of employee benefit — financial confidence,” says Ryan White, head of In Good Company. “Our financial education workshops are customized to each individual — and the best part? We come to you.”

The benefits world is changing. Employers now have more choices and more unique benefits solutions to choose from for their employees. From student loan repayment to discounted gym memberships, it’s all about vying for the best benefits package for the next generation of talent. But what if a benefit could empower employees to improve their financial literacy themselves?

As a learning initiative created by MassMutual, In Good Company empowers employees to shape their own financial future with a unique series of immersive workshops designed just for them.

Convenience is paramount to the success of our financial education workshops — we bring our experienced financial professionals right into your office, making it easy for all of your employees to attend. We also do things differently: we believe financial decisions should be inspired by core values, not the other way around. By aligning financial decisions with personal values, we help people work and save toward the financial future they want — toward their unique financial goals.

“Financial literacy is all about goal setting. You should always start with thinking about what you value personally — whether it’s a future family, a life of travel, even a boat. Write those goals down, and we’ll help you work toward achieving them.” says White.

By helping to alleviate your employees’ financial stress, you can help them to be more focused and motivated at work. It’s time to be the office hero — let’s chat about bringing In Good Company into your company.

Email us at ingoodcompany@massmutual.com or contact us via our website today.

1 “Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2017 Results.” PwC, Apr. 2017, www.pwc.com/us/en/private-company-services/publications/assets/pwc-2017-employee-wellness-survey.pdf.