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Gifts of Love: A Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is officially here and with it comes a cold breeze and stores that are festively decorated to welcome us to the season of giving. This is the perfect time for people to show affection to their loved ones — while there are endless ways to manifest love, many people become victim to a spending trigger: Money as Love. ‘Money as Love’ is the belief that by gifting an expensive piece of jewelry or a new sweater, you are showing love — that spending money is the equivalent of showing affection, as you are “investing” in the person.

As we enter this new holiday season, you can transform ‘Money as Love’ into ‘Gifts of Love.’ Think about what your loved one’s value and tailor your gifts to the things they are passionate about. This will help you find the perfect, timeless gift that will be meaningful to them and easy on your bank account.

At In Good Company, we put a strong focus on values. We believe you shouldn’t be held back from enjoying your passions simply because of financial constraints. That’s why we’ve compiled a few budget-friendly (and even free) gifts for a variety of people in your life — focusing on what they truly value most.

For the adventurer
Organize a memorable trip. Whether it’s an intense hike to catch a sunrise or simply taking a walk to your favorite spot, they’ll appreciate the adventure and the new memories you gifted them.

For the homebody
Plan an indoor activity — there are endless ideas including playing cards, watching a movie with hot chocolate or baking holiday delicacies. If weather permits, you could even build snowman.

For the intellectual
Research local museums to see the cost of admission, or better yet, see if they have free admission nights. If the person you’re shopping is a bookworm, plans a trip to the library to spend a day looking through the best novels. A day at the library is a day well spent.

For the workaholic
Create a perfectly designed playlist for their early morning commute. They will be eternally thankful when they are stuck in rush hour traffic and have a thoughtful mix of great songs to enjoy.

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