Jules walking with their dog, Lucius.

Finding Financial Confidence: Jules’ Story

Finding financial confidence is a journey that starts with one small step: taking the initiative to learn more.

Once you have the financial know-how you need, you can plan for the future you aspire to achieve — it’s truly an empowering feeling. At In Good Company, we celebrate that feeling.

To do so, we’re highlighting the journeys of people finding their financial confidence. Our first story begins with Jules.

When we asked Jules what they value most, the answer was clear: growth, new experiences and wellness. They show this through the love they have for their family, consisting of their husband and three adorable four-legged kids: Lucius, General Grievous and Mr. Gizmo (their corgi and two cats).

Like so many people dealing with personal financial struggles, Jules ended up in the all-too-common situation of credit card debt. Fortunately, they took matters into their own hands and used this moment as a learning opportunity — effectively building financial confidence along the way.

Jules worked their way out of debt while learning more about what it means to take control of their finances.

“I really tried to self-educate as I didn’t really know where to go to learn some of this,” says Jules. “That’s where I first got introduced to the concept of a budget, something I always felt kind of allergic to. Now, I think having a budget and knowing where we are spending our money is actually really empowering.”

Enjoying the things you love doesn’t have to send you into debt. By creating a financial plan that took their values into consideration, Jules was able to keep spending on track without compromising the things they care about most. Whether they're putting a little extra toward high-quality pet food or saving up to explore a new destination, Jules can feel confident in each financial decision, knowing it reflects what matters most.

That’s where we’ll start with your employees — by asking them what matters most. Whether it be relationships, security, or adventures, we believe the best way to achieve financial success is with a plan that takes your values into account. By aligning your financial decisions with your personal values, you can take advantage of the present and invest in your well-being for the future.

Jules’ current relationship with money is better than ever. Having a budget and knowing where their money is going has been truly empowering. Jules is able to enjoy what they love most in life while also making progress towards their financial goals — and it all began with the decision to learn more.

Let’s chat about how In Good Company can help your employees find their financial confidence while aligning their values with their spending plans. Contact us today.


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