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Complement Your Benefits with In Good Company’s Interactive Financial Workshops

When considering what to offer employees as a reason to join the team or remain motivated at work, we all know there are initial benefits that make a lasting impact. A typical benefits package may include top priority items like a solid 401(k), health plan and ample time off — all invaluable to an employee’s future plans and work-life balance. Yet when new challenges trigger personal stress and confront a team’s stability, we’re left questioning whether the essentials are enough.

When it comes to workplace baggage, a lot of it can be financial.1 While a foundation of great benefits might offer a retirement account or time off to unwind, knowing how to optimize and manage these perks can make all the difference when someone signs off at the end of the day.

In Good Company offers a deeper level of workplace wellness, taking a holistic approach to boost employee confidence through interactive workshops at no cost to the employer. This path encourages workers to visualize their goals and priorities, so that the resources they’re given fit into a more meaningful overall picture. It all follows a timeworn principle: give your employees peace of mind by providing them with self-sustaining tools to succeed.

Helping Make Benefits Even Better

In Good Company’s complementary experience equips your team with strategies to manage an array of financial subjects. Workshops are carefully crafted to meet relevant needs — whether your organization is spread across the country or simply finding new ways to stay connected, we have accessible options that allow for greater growth. Our new remote format supports interactive discussion, persona-based activities and breakout groups via Zoom.

Individual class and series offerings range from introductory to more nuanced topics and may be coupled or tailored to reflect your company’s needs and structure. And whether in-person or online, a financial professional is there each step of the way to answer questions and facilitate conversation.

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Sample Our Workshops

At In Good Company, we believe financial education isn’t one size fits all. Our workshops focus on an individual’s situation and goals, so employees can adjust the material to find their best fit. When bringing these benefits to your team, we harness the same attitude.

Are your employees looking for a comprehensive view of their finances, from saving to investing? Our Evergreen Series could be a great match. Perhaps your team is getting closer to retirement and looking to learn what next steps they should take. If this is the case, we offer two retirement workshops that highlight each phase of the journey. Classes for specific professions, like our Personal Finance for Physicians, even address financial intricacies of a particular field.

For the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of collected offerings and details, check out our course catalog. There’s something for everyone.

Give Your Team Every Element of Support

Financial education goes beyond setting up employees with a 401(k). By addressing distinct layers of personal finance, our workshops encourage team members along their own journeys and help them protect the values that matter most. The best part? It’s not an extra expense for your organization and it doesn’t need to replace any existing benefits or plans — it all works together.

If you’re interested in strengthening your existing employee benefits with In Good Company workshops, get in touch with our team here. With a better idea of your specific needs, we’ll get you set up with a class or series that’s designed with your team in mind.

1“PwC's 9th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2020 results.” PwC, 25 Sept. 2020,


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