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Financial Confidence Starts Here

Empower your employees to move forward in their financial future with a unique series of immersive workshops designed just for them.

Investing in Your Employees Pays Off


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60% of Americans understand the importance of being financially savvy. They just don’t know how to get there.

The Financial Literacy Problem, Visual Capitalist, 2/21/2018


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76% of employees are more attracted to an employer who cares about their financial well-being.

Allison, Kent E, and Aaron J Harding.Special Report: Financial Stress and the Bottom Line. PwC, Sept. 2017


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47% of employees attribute their decrease in productivity to personal finance stress.

Special Report: Financial Stress and the Bottom Line, PWC, pg 3

A New Take on Financial Education

Our workshops are designed with the needs of your employees in mind. Whether it’s understanding personal finance or planning for retirement, we’ll work with you to develop workshops that focus on what matters most to your employees.

It Pays to Invest in Financial Well-Being

Keep Employees Focused

Alleviating the financial stress your employees often experience can help keep them more focused and motivated at work.

In Good Company Workshop attendees listening to a financial professional speak
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Individualize Each Experience

Each workshop is tailored to the unique needs of your employees, giving you the opportunity to provide guidance where they need it most.

Bring Teams Together

Both our remote and in-office workshops let your employees come together for open conversations led by experienced financial professionals.

In Good Company workshop attendees networking with each other

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